Decriminalisation – midwifery & time limits

The Royal College of Midwives decided to support the campaign to decriminalise abortion. This has generated debate in some papers, with commentators claiming that abortion is incompatible with midwifery. The following statement from the RCM and article from its Chief Executive Cathy Warwick sets out the reason that supporting decriminalisation is consistent with existing RCM policy, and consistent with the role of midwives in supporting women, whatever their choices in pregnancy.

Statement from the Royal College of Midwives on supporting the decriminalisation campaign

Cathy Warwick in the Guardian – As Midwives we Support Women Whatever their Choices on Abortion

This article by Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of abortion provider bpas, refutes the idea, widely shouted this week, that the main point of decriminalisation, or its likely outcome, is to facilitate abortion on demand up to birth. Well worth a read:

The 9-month Abortion is a Myth women must be able to end pregnancies without facing jail.