Voice for Choice is a national coalition of organisations working alongside the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Choice and Sexual Health Group to campaign for a woman’s choice on abortion. Members include organisations and individuals whose everyday work relates to abortion in some way – as service providers, advocates, educators, trainers, academics or counsellors. We meet regularly to share information, plan joint activities and support each other’s work.
Its aims are to ensure that:

  • Abortion be available solely at the request of the pregnant woman within existing legal time limits
  • Abortion services are subject to the same statutory regulations as other medical services
  • Suitably trained nurse practitioners be allowed to provide early medical and surgical abortions, in both the NHS and non-NHS sector
  • The law in Northern Ireland be brought into line with the rest of the UK
  • Current legal abortion rights are defended

Join the Voice for Choice network

One in three women in the UK will have an abortion. Many organisations working across health, education, mental health, social care, violence against women, social justice, women’s rights and human rights support the aims and ethos of Voice for Choice because they understand that abortion access is an issue which is highly relevant for their stakeholders and members. We invite you to become members of the VfC network in order to receive updates about current campaigns, threats and opportunities in abortion access; invitations to  meetings and events; and access to briefings and information to support your advocacy work in this field.

Email laurar@fpa.org.uk for more details.