A digest of useful articles on the sex selection bill

Criminalising sex-selective abortions would be a terrible idea for women

Ann Furedi, Independent


Even If ‘Gendercide’ Is a Major Issue, Is Criminalising Women and Doctors Really the Answer?

Charlotte England, Vice


A vote to criminalise gender-selective abortion will be a disaster for women

Rebecca Schiller, Comment is Free, The Guardian


MPs must oppose amendment to the Serious Crime Bill that would criminalise women and doctors

The Observer view on the sex-selection debate


Why MPs should vote against the sex selective abortion amendment

Sunny Hundal


Why feminists should oppose the ban on sex selective abortion

Sarah Ditum, New Statesman


Stop Gendercide: a dangerous campaign

Ellie Lee, Reader in Social Policy, University of Kent


Criminalising women to protect them? The abortion amendment is seriously flawed

Sally Sheldon, Professor of Law, University of Kent


Sex selective abortion and honour based violence

Shaheen Hashmat


MPs must not sleep walk towards abortion restrictions

Lisa Hallgarten, Chair of Voice for Choice, New Statesman


Letter to the Daily Telegraph signed by 47 academics


Why I oppose a ban on sex-selection abortion

Pam Lowe, Senior Lecturer, Aston University


Defending Women

Ann Henderson, Scottish TUC, The Scotsman


Son preference and abortion in Asia


Saving the Girl Child or Destroying Women’s Rights?

With comment from Suchitra Dalvie, gynaecologist at the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership


Maintaining access to safe abortion and reducing sex ratio imbalances in Asia

Bela Ganatra, Reproductive Health Matters Journal


A round-table discussion on sex selection: several articles

Multiple authors, Reproductive Health Matters Journal


Resisting sex selective abortion bans – USA

Report debunks conservative case for sex selective abortion bans


San Franciso resolution on sex selective abortion bans: Asian-American women can reclaim the conversation


Older pieces from the UK

Why criminalising gender abortions is sinister and wrong

Reni Eddo-Lodge, Daily Telegraph


My body, my choice: from now on abortion rights must be fought from first principles

Sarah Ditum, New Statesman


Is sex-selection among British Asian families a big issue? We should be wary of the Independent’s campaign

Sunny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy